Customer PrePaid Calling Plans

Only Patented Cord-Free Phone

Texas Inmate Phones offers a Prepaid Account to help you stay connected. To open a Prepaid account you will need to make a payment and use your phone number where you wish to receive calls as your account number. Payments are posted when they are received and phone numbers unblocked throughout the day. Our payment options include VISA, MasterCard,Check/Debit Card, MoneyGram and Western Union Prepaid Services.

At Texas Inmate Phones, we have over 20 years of service keeping our country safe with our patented cord-free phone. We have perfected our safety features and service, and have grown to a full-service inmate telephone provider. We provide the latest technology, nationwide service, and customized reports. With Texas Inmate Phones, we guarantee you the best service and quality inmate phone service in the industry.

The patented TIP 2000 “Safe” cord-free Inmate telephone is the solution to preventing Inmates from harming themselves or others. It will prevent 99% of all service calls due to broken handsets and cords. No special parts are needed as The Safe works with any handset and keypad. Professional installations are done by TIP Systems at NO CHARGE to all qualified departments. Call today for your free custom quote.


First Class Inmate Facility Service